Sarah Howard Calligrapher

Hello I’m Sarah, owner of What Sarah Inks, I’m a calligrapher and lover of all things stationery and organisation.


I started to learn modern calligraphy as a creative outlet and to switch off from the day job back in 2016. Little did I know I would fall in love with it and want to spend every hour of the day with my pen in hand flourishing away. ​

I specialise in custom calligraphy gifts for loved ones to give on special occasions by handwriting each piece using a nib and ink on the finest quality card. Custom calligraphy orders often take the form of song lyrics, passages from books or motivational quotes.


I love to write anything that involves row after row of calligraphy, basically anything with lots of words that I can really lose an hour or two in writing is the ultimate form of therapy for me.

My style of calligraphy is unique to me as is the process I take to complete orders.


I would describe my style of writing as ‘modern’ calligraphy with low key flourishes. It's a writing style I have perfected over the years and is easy to read which makes it perfect for work to be framed and hung around the home for everyone to enjoy even at a glance. 


Whether it’s a custom order for the bedroom or a handwritten motivational quote for the downstairs loo, I don’t want to leave people wondering what letter or word that is with my writing, it’s supposed to be a piece of art to admire rather than a puzzle to solve.

That's enough about me, if you want to talk to me about your custom calligraphy ideas or would like more information on the bespoke calligraphy services I offer please get in touch on

​Sarah x

Sarah Howard Calligrapher