Updated: Sep 10, 2020

WEDDINGS!!!! That’s what immediately springs to mind when people think of calligraphy. Beautifully handwritten envelopes for invites. Menus, name cards and seating plans all styled with beautifully flourished letters and ink to match the flowers and the bridesmaid dresses. It is the perfect event to showcase the world of calligraphy but it’s not the only place for calligraphy in the world.


Here are my top 5 ways you can add some calligraphy to your life

1 - Bespoke Calligraphy Gift

Do you have a favourite book or song that means a lot to you, your partner or a friend? You could get it made into a handwritten calligraphy piece to gift them on a birthday or special occasion. My most frequently used calligraphy service is for song lyrics of a couples first dance to give as a gift to their wife / husband on their first wedding anniversary. I know I’m back to weddings but it doesn’t have to be a wedding song or it could be your mum's favourite song or a song that reminds you of a holiday with your best friend. I could give loads more examples but you get the idea, calligraphy can make a beautiful, bespoke and personalised gift for any occasion.

2 - Gift Tags

Add a personalised touch to presents you give with a handwritten calligraphy gift tag, whether it's a birthday or thank you gift, calligraphy adds that something special to your gift.

3 - Greetings cards

Do you often stare at the wall in Paperchase for hours looking for the right card for someone? Why not order your own bespoke card featuring your favourite quote, a personalised message or ‘in joke’ you share? I've even had requests for profanities on a birthday card. I don’t know about anyone else but I love to see insults or swear words written in calligraphy, it’s like two worlds colliding, the damn right rude and the beautiful. Obviously you could also go for something heartfelt and lovely, plenty of options.

4 - Herb and Plant Pots

You may have seen my herb pot project on instagram earlier in the summer, if not photo below. We recently had our garden re-done and I wanted to brighten up the patio area and make space for all the herbs I have growing. I used a white Posca pen to label each of the pots so I knew which herb was which, I know the difference but when I send husband out to get some parsley I want to make sure he doesn’t come back with coriander! I also used a black Posca pen to write on wooden sticks to label all the plants too, it’s waterproof too, which you need in the UK’s climate. It gives that personalised touch to your garden and looks great.

5 - Jar labels and tags

Why not use calligraphy to organise your kitchen cupboard. I love popping a handwritten tag on the jars of things I have in the fridge, whether it be my sourdough starter or a homemade cherry compote. You could also use calligraphy to write on storage jars for tea, coffee, pasta, cereals. I've done this for my tea shelf using my trusty white Posca pen. You can buy the tags from places like Hobby Craft or your local stationery shop.

These are just 5 of the many ways you can bring a bit of calligraphy into your life, there are many more. Follow me on instagram and pinterest for more calligraphy inspiration.

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