Are you ready for October's instalment of 'Sarah's Stationery finds'. If you've come across this thread for the first time carry on reading to find out what it's all about and what stationery finds I've discovered this month.


I'm a self confessed stationery geek, I love nothing better than sniffing the fresh pages of a new notebook and writing with a beautiful pen. So it's no surprise when creating this website my first thought about the blog was to have the opportunity to completely geek out on new stationery products and share them with fellow stationery addicts out there.

If you haven't caught up on September's addition let me recap for you what 'Sarah's Stationery Finds' is all about...

I love stationery (I think that's obvious) so in this monthly blog I will share with you a round up of my favourite stationery finds I've discovered in the past month. I will cover stationery products, new brands, independent shops I love and anything else vaguely stationery related.

You don’t need to be into calligraphy to appreciate this one, all forms of stationery will be covered from the pretty to the practical. Please keep in mind these will often be items or stationery ranges I’ve seen online and love, I may not have used and tried them so it’s less of a review and more of a ‘wow this looks fab I have to share it’. I’ll be clear if I have used a product and would recommend it.

Be the Change Fundraiser - A charities crowdfunding project

Emily Walton from @Happydoodlemail on Instagram has created a feel good crowdfunding project to support a bunch of charities. Emily decided to create this project to try and inject a little bit of good into the world which as we can all see is much needed right now. Take a look at the crowdfunding page to learn more about the fundraiser and why not donate. You get to give to charity and in return get a lovely bit of art or stationery in return. It's a win win situation if you ask me.

The Paper Box UK - blank wax seal stamp

I've been looking at trying to create my own wax seals recently but I've been torn on what stamp to go for. The Paper Box UK has solved that problem with their new blank wax seal stamp.

It's perfect for stamping petals or other materials without the engraved design taking away from the detail. How beautiful is this? I think I'll be buying one to try out on some dare I say the 'C' word (whispers Christmas) post.

Hand and Palm - 2021 Calendar

With the year 2020 has been it's definitely acceptable to start thinking about 2021 and hopefully the better things that are in store. That's why I wanted to share this beautifully designed calendar from Hand and Palm. Each page includes a Hand and Palm design and month overview with spaces to write important events. On the other side of each page is a ‘Highlights of the Month’ section, to reflect on the month and remember the best bits!

Luci's online shop is only open until Sunday 4th October so if you want to get your hands on one of these you'll need to order ASAP.

Stuart R. Stevenson - Independent Art Shop

I miss this shop! Stuart R. Stevenson is an independent family run art shop full of stationery supplies.

They are based in Clerkenwell, London, a short 10 minute walk from where I worked pre-covid. I loved nothing better than a lunch time stroll down to the shop to pick up something I needed or didn't need if truth be told but just had to have.

Now i'm working from home I miss those lunch time mooches but thankfully this year they have made their stock available online so if you are in line for a new Posca pen or sketch pad definitely check them out and support an independent business whilst fueling your stationery addiction.

If you’ve come across any stationery finds you think I’d love then please get in touch and let me know. If you enjoyed reading this post why not share it with a stationery geek you know or share on social media to spread the love.

Speak soon

Sarah x