Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Here it is, my last instalment of 'Sarah's Stationery Finds' for 2020! What a year it's been, I'm sure I'm not the only one glad to see the end of it and looking forward to what the new year brings. That's why for Decembers 'Stationery Finds' blog post I thought I would focus on stationery that will help you plan and organise yourself for 2021. Read on for some fab products that will start your new year off in a beautiful way.

Veronica Dearly - 2021 daily gentle encouragement wall planner

I follow Veronica Dearly on Instagram and love her illustrations and posts. They always come with a positive but realistic message and it looks like she's transferred that to a handy wall planner. If you like to see your year mapped out ahead of you with a few lovely and encouraging messages along the way then this is right up your street. It's A1 in size and looks like there is a good amount of space to add in your notes and plans each day.

Tessa Galloway - 2021 whole year planner

This wall planner is designed by another illustrator I love. I have one of Tessa Galloway's 'Liverpool' city illustrations hanging in my downstairs toilet. I love her style and it's transferred well to this 2021 whole year wall planner featuring beautiful illustrations of the most famous buildings around the world. The planner comes in a gorgeous selection of pastel colours, the mint green is my favourite obviously! I also like that there is a line per day allowing room to write key info you must not forget.

Papersmiths - Task Planner

This Task Planner from Papersmiths suits everyone looking to organise themselves in 2021, whether you are a student, professional or small business owner, this task planner can work for you. Each double page spread includes one side which is dedicated to your week overview and the other side set up for your task lists and notes. It's obviously been very popular as it's only available for pre-order now so if this sounds like your kind of thing I would order ASAP to ensure you get it in time for January.

Leaf Lane Studio - A4 printable weekly planners

Leaf Lane studio creates beautiful stationery but this A4 printable weekly planner has really caught my eye, I like the flexibility of it. The fact that you can print yourself at home means you could choose to print only for weeks you have a lot to juggle or to print more than one per week for different projects or home life and work life. Not only does it look good it's really useful with the weekly overview, priority list and room for notes. Plus my favourite bit is the 'things to carry over to next week', it's going to be impossible not to be organised with this planner on your desk.

That’s it for December's edition of ‘Sarah’s Stationery Finds’, hopefully it’s given you a little inspiration for organising yourself, family or team in 2021.

I'd love to know your thoughts on 'Sarah's Stationery Finds', do you find it useful? Have you bought anything after seeing it on one of my blogs? Would you like to see this blog series continue in 2021? Either email me on or comment below.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a better, more positive 2021.

Speak soon

Sarah x