Updated: Sep 10, 2020

This is the first in my monthly series of 'Sarah's Stationery finds'. Carry on reading to find out what it's all about and what stationery finds I've discovered this month.


I’ve loved stationery since as long as I can remember, I always carry at least one pen in my bag (usually 3) and have far too many new notebooks on the shelf waiting for their perfect project.

The end of the summer holidays was always my favourite time of year, time to go back to school! There was nothing better than a trip to town to stock up on new stationery. We didn’t have the choice there is now of stationery shops (I’m aware this makes me sound ancient), it was Stationery Box or WH Smith in Liverpool, that was it. I could be in there for what felt like a lifetime deciding on the type of pencil sharpener I wanted to match with my pencils and pencil case. There were always some gel pens in the mix too!

The night before going back to school after a bath and dreaded hair wash I’d pack my new stationery in my new school bag (Kookai satchel obvs!) and leave it next to my new school shoes ready to go.

The purpose of that rambling intro and insight into my past is to give a bit of background into my love of stationery - hopefully that comes across ha! I love to seek out new stationery products, independent brands and shops so I thought I would start a monthly round up of my favourite stationery finds online which I will share with you each month. You don’t need to be into calligraphy to appreciate this one, all forms of stationery will be covered from the pretty to the practical. Please keep in mind these will often be items or stationery ranges I’ve seen online and love, I may not have used and tried them so it’s less of a review and more of a ‘wow this looks fab I have to share it’. I’ll be clear if I have used a product and would recommend it.

Martha Brook - New Beginnings Stationery Bundle

This bundle caught my eye for so many reasons. Firstly the colour, such a gorgeous hue of yellow! Secondly, it’s everything you need in one bundle to get you set with that new project, goal or simply to motivate you in your daily to do list at work. I’ve purchased a few items from Martha Brook over the years and they are always great quality as well as being beautifully designed.

The Ink Pot - bullet journals and supply packs

I don’t keep a bullet journal, well I dabble occasionally but I’m more of a voyeur into the whole BuJo world. I could watch videos of people creating their layouts for hours! I came across The Ink Pot via instagram, maybe through Blink Lettering I’m not 100% sure. They are a mother, daughter business, set up purely to fulfill their desire to have a good quality bullet journey and now they offer supply packs too. If the BuJo world is one you want to get into The Ink Pot would be a good place to start for supplies.

Meticulous ink - noodler pens

The Noodler Konrad Flex Fountain Pen which you can buy online from Meticulous Ink, the most insane stationery shop I’ve come across, it’s like something from Harry Potter with all the products stocked in there. If I lived in Bath I would be a regular here. Has anyone tried this pen? I currently have a Kaweco fountain pen which I love but there is no such thing as too many pens is there?!

If you’ve come across any stationery finds you think I’d love then get in touch and let me know. If you enjoyed reading this post and the recommendations keep an eye out for October’s finds in a few weeks.

Speak soon

Sarah x