When starting up a new business one of the first things all the experts ask you to think about and get clear is your 'why'. Why are you doing this? Why is your service or product different from what's already about there? So I thought I would share my 'why' with you. Why I love creating bespoke calligraphy pieces and what motivates me.

Calligraphy is a fairly new passion for me - I started it in 2016 but it’s only in the last 18 months I feel like I’ve really found my style and what I love about it so much.

My calligraphy style is unique to me, as is every calligrapher's style and other creatives in general. How you learned, how you practice, the materials you use and what motivates you to do it all play a part in creating your own calligraphy style. That’s why my advice to people starting out with calligraphy is always to practice, practice, practice and experiment with different ink, paper and nibs to see what works for you.

You could ask a couple of calligraphers to write out the same song lyrics and we would all produce different pieces. I like clean lines and blocks of writing. I would describe my style as modern with low key flourishes. There are calligraphers who do traditional script, various modern styles, experiment with composition and different techniques, that’s what makes us all different. There is a calligrapher out there for every job depending on what you are looking for.

My calligraphy style is very ‘readable’ for want of a better word, which is a key thing for me. I want to create personalised pieces for people that they can enjoy at a glance. Whether it’s a reading from a book displayed in the bedroom or a motivational quote for the downstairs loo I don’t want to leave people wondering what letter that is with my writing. The main motivation for me when writing a custom calligraphy piece is how I want the customer to feel when they receive it. There are a few that are important to me which I'll share with you now.

When a customer orders a bespoke calligraphy piece from me I want…

...people to immediately recognise what it is, whether it be a song, reading or quote.

… the owner of the piece to read it and focus on what it means to them rather than figuring out what it says.

...it to be a piece that someone treasures for a long time, not a gift that lies in the drawer unframed and forgotten about.

… someone to look back at their first dance lyrics they were gifted by their husband or wife on their 50th wedding anniversary and be transported back to their wedding day in a flash.

… my customers to take their framed calligraphy piece with them when they move house - rather than say ‘do we need to keep this’ when they are sorting through the loft in preparation for the move.

… my customers to tell their children and grandchildren about the calligraphy piece and for them to enjoy and treasure it too.

I know this may all sound like I’m overthinking the whole thing but keeping these factors in mind really do help me focus and take care over the detail when I’m actually writing a piece of calligraphy.

More and more I am starting to experiment with digital calligraphy however I don’t think it will ever replace my love for handwritten calligraphy work. For me no digital version will ever be able to compete with how the ink settles on the paper to give you those darker / lighter variations in colour. Nor will those hairline upstrokes ever look as beautiful in digital form.

If you have an idea in mind for a bespoke calligraphy piece and think my style is perfect to bring it to life then I’d love to talk to you about it more. Email me on hello@whatsarahinks.co.uk or DM me on on Instagram.

Speak soon

Sarah xx