This website is owned and operated by me Sarah Howard. These are the terms and conditions under which you may use my website and services. This website offers visitors information of What Sarah Inks bespoke calligraphy services. By accessing or using the website or my services, you approve that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms.


For all bespoke calligraphy orders less than £200.00 payment will be required before the work begins. For orders over £200.00 a 50% deposit is required at the time of confirming and the remaining 50% is due once the work is complete and ready to be posted / delivered.


The 50% deposit covers;

- admin time for the work i.e. emails / phone calls with the customer to discuss the job

- initial designs, sketches, tests with ink, paper, words etc

- materials required for the job

- secures time in my diary to complete the work


The final balance on an order is due once the work is complete and ready for posting. This date will be agreed with each customer at the time of confirming their order. The completed work will not be sent to the customer until the final payment has been made.


All orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of confirmation. To cancel a confirmed job you can email hello@whatsarahinks.co.uk if the email is sent within 24 hours of the order being confirmed the job will be cancelled and removed from the diary.


50% deposits made to secure the booking are non refundable. 


The booking can be postponed to a later time in the year if the job details do not change i.e. it’s not a new design that is required. Dates to be discussed directly with the customer.


I allocate a set number of days per week for bespoke calligraphy work and have a diary to manage the number of jobs I can take on each week. When a customer confirms their order, time will be allocated in my diary and the following dates will be agreed;

  • Date customer is required to submit all information relevant to the order

  • Date for proofs (if required) will be sent to customer for approval

  • Date for sign off on proofs

  • Printing date (if required)

  • Completion date

  • Delivery date


The customer will be responsible to adhere to the dates agreed in order for me to deliver the work on time. 


If information is not sent over by the agreed dates I cannot guarantee work will be completed on the date agreed. If a customer needs to change the date they should contact me directly to discuss a new date.


Please do keep in mind that if you miss your design date deadline my availability may be limited and I may not be able to complete the agreed work in the time frame you require. However I will also try to work with customers directly to make dates achievable in order to deliver the service agreed on time.



For some custom orders such as invitation suites and menus where a design proof is required, as part of the agreed fee I will provide two proofs of the design. This allows for 1 set of changes from the first proof and tweaks to the second to create the final design. In theory this is usually enough as we will have had extensive conversations about the design, colour, style etc in advance of the first proof being created.


If a third proof is required this may involve a fee, the minimum charge is £30.00 and will be discussed on a case by case basis depending on what the changes are and how much time will be required. If changes are extensive and require a redesign the fee will reflect this and the time frame of the job may need to be adjusted.


Proofs will be emailed to the customer in JPEG or PDF format depending on the work.


It is the customers responsibility to sign off all proofs including spelling, size colour, layout, design etc. 


It is Important to note that screens and paper look very different depending on the type of screen you have, how and where the document is printed etc therefore colours can vary. For any printed work, samples of card can often be sent in advance to ensure the colour is as agreed. 


For all handwritten calligraphy work there will always be variations in the colour across the final piece. This is part of the beauty of handwritten calligraphy. It is part of the process when working with different inks and paper textures and should be expected as part of your final order. If for any reason you are unhappy with the handwritten calligraphy order you have placed please do contact hello@whatsarahinks.co.uk within 2 days of the order arriving and please send photographs to explain what you are not satisfied with. This will then be discussed with you directly.


All bespoke calligraphy orders must be made by completing a bespoke order form, this form captures all of the information required to complete the work including all spelling, grammer, colour and style preferences etc. The customer is responsible for completing the information on this form and together with all wording emailed at the time of ordering this will be used to create the final piece. Therefore it is important the customer checks all of the spelling, grammar, colour and style preferences before submitting. If there are any questions on the form, I would be happy to discuss these in advance and if I have any queries regarding the information on the form I will ask in advance of the work being started.


If as a result of misinformation on the form there is a mistake on the final piece of calligraphy for example a spelling mistake - if this is the customers fault due to the wrong information being put on the form or being emailed over to me, the customer will be required to pay for a new piece to be done if they choose to do so.


If there is an error on the final piece due to a mistake I have made, I will re-do the work free of charge. 


The time scale varies from job to job however to give you an idea of turnaround times for different types of work see the detail below;


Custom handwritten calligraphy piece (one off) - 2-3 weeks

On the day stationery for event or wedding - 4-6 weeks depending on quantities

Custom digital design work for print - 4-6 weeks depending on scale


These time frames cover the design, production and processing time for each job. Depending on how busy my diary is there are some jobs that may be able to be turned around in a shorter time frame. However some jobs may be subject to time restraints from printers and suppliers.


Small delays are factored into these time frames however it is difficult to allow for unforeseen circumstances that may hold up the process. As soon as I am aware of any delay that will impact your order I will be in contact ASAP to discuss how we move forward with the project and what alternatives are available. 


All orders will be sent via Royal Mail 1st class post unless another method is agreed in advance such as next day delivery or a courier for larger orders.


All orders will be packaged securely to avoid damage in the post. Often I will re-use packaging from other orders to cut down on waste.


Orders will be posted to the name and address listed on the bespoke order form. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this information is correct. 


If an order goes missing due to the address being wrong and the customer is at fault, the customer will be responsible to cover the cost of a new order. If an order goes missing due to an incorrect address that is my fault then I will cover the cost of a new order. 


If an order is missing at the fault of Royal Mail, this is something I will look into however it is a minimum 10 day process to investigate. What to do in this instance will be discussed with the customer involved directly.


The communication process on all orders varies slightly depending on the job however I have outlined below how I usually work with customers from start to finish on their order. 


Most customers usually make contact via the contact form on my website or my email address with a brief of what they are looking for. Once receiving the form or email I would usually schedule a call to discuss exactly what is required or if it’s pretty straight forward this can be done via email. A phone call is often quicker and it does give the customer more information on the process and options available which they may not have been aware of. I usually make contact with customers within 48 hours of them getting in touch.


If a customer would like to proceed with an order they will need to complete the Bespoke order form - I will then respond with 24 hours confirming the job and key dates for the work to be completed. The best way to contact me during the process of the job is via email. I monitor my emails between 9am and 4pm Monday - Friday and will respond within that time frame.


I am active on social media, mainly Instagram however if you have questions about your existing order or placing an order I do not respond to these via instagram messages as it’s not reliable enough to track details discussed. Also it’s quite easy to miss important messages amongst the more social chat and responses to posts. 


If there is anything in my terms and conditions that you would like to query or have any questions on then please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be more than happy to discuss it with you Hello@whatsarahinks.co.uk